FPT- Fonderia Pressofusioni Tapparo is an historical Italian company that makes castings in aluminium 46100 , Zama and special anticorrosive alloys for each industrial field , in Italy and abroad: from the automotive industry to the mechanical one , electrical , home appliance, food sector and so on.
FPT produces millions of pieces or only a few hundreds , with the same qualifications of a boutique and the same scale economy of the big productions .
In FPT the customer always finds the highest process quality , starting from the planning till the special finishing and the moulds storage ; all this is a guarantee to manage the planned maintenances and to preserve them in protected environments.
Each process phase is tested, documented , tracked and available in real time , thanks to the use of proprietary software , so that we can manage carefully our customers’ investments . For this reason in FPT the moulds have their own “identity card “ Just like the book car maintenance .
Control laboratories and production departments , technologically equipped warehouses , organizational culture, ability to integrate with the customer’s activities guarantee the best product performance, personalized service , highest efficiency and extreme cost competitiveness .
FPT wishes to be for his clients the centre of greatest competence they can count on , both in the planning of product and mould and in the production, from the small quantity till the big one. It’s for this reason that since 1969 FPT is a constantly growing innovation pole .
FPT supports the amateur cycling , the real one, with no doping and tricks , as our company agrees with its values: only care and talent reward in life like on a bike’s saddle . Then once arrived on the top of the slope you can look at the ridden steep path with satisfaction and proud.