Q. I can’t integrate with the warehouse of my supplier as I need a particular identification modality of the products . Can you solve my problem ?

A. Our computerized system has a high degree of adaptation because it’s produced directly by us. It lends itself to be easily integrated . The changes of documents and the inclusion of particular printing tracings are for us easy and quick to carry out .

Q.We know our project well but not the casting process and we’d like to have a clearer idea about it. How can you help us?

A. We take care of the equipment design phase to the smallest details interacting with the customer’s technical office : the aim is to obtain safe castings and easy to press.

Q. We have a mould produced in China but it doesn’t work, can FPT help us ?

A. yes, of course. For example we can perform a mould maintenance and evaluate small interventions that can make it productive. We can care of the setting-up phase and sampling before proceeding with the series pressing.

Q: I need a casting embracing parts of other materials too. Is it possible ?

A: yes, we have been producing castings for years that embrace components in brass or steel . Experience leads us to ensure excellent results.

Q. Can die-cast aluminium be protected from atmospheric agents ?

A: yes, we suggest you choose an aluminium alloy among the ones we have been using for years as anticorrosive alloys. Than we can value, through specific tests, if it’s useful to add a surface treatment like coating or anodic oxidation.

Q Is it possible to reach minimum tolerances on die-cast?

A. yes,normally it’s possible to get very tight tolerances so that the mechanical working is not necessary.

Q. Is it possible to test some of our pieces with different kind of alloys?

A. It is possible in most cases and with the same tool . It’ s a matter of analyzing in detail the piece geometry and the features you want to have from the castings.

Q We often find ourselves in need to have castings in smaller quantities than in the past. Can FPT help us?

A: We are structured for frequent mould changes and this is more and more coherent with the needs of our customers. We are able to supply low productive lots , even a few hundred pieces , without this affecting the price excessively.

Q. Remain our tools as loan of use by the foundry ?

A. yes, you provide us with your tools , that we stock in a warehouse intended for the best management and preservation of your investment.
Each tool has its own card recording all preventive and corrective maintenance .

Q. I have to produce some pieces with gravity casting and other ones with die-cast. Can I address FPT ?

A. We can attend to the entire production taking care both for the part of gravity casting and for the one of die-cast, suggesting alternative solutions too.

Q. I don’t know what will be the market response to my new product. Can FPT help me?

A. We can produce prototype or pilot moulds waiting to know the final quantities , and later we can produce the suitable equipments.

Q Does FPT make post-pressing workings ?

A. We also take care of the next steps following the pressing knowing the critical issues as a result of contacts with technical and quality office s with our customers.
The design phase of the equipment as well as the casting procedures are coherent with the specifics and the following working phases ; this guarantees the best result both in terms of efficiency and in costs reduction.