FPT- Fonderia Pressofusione Tapparo supports different initiatives in the amateur youth cycling , as in this dimension cycling is the sport where passion and the true value of people count , where there is no tricks and no use of doping.

Just like in FPT , where sound competition , based on commitment and honor. It’s not by chance that cycling is a firm pint of family Tapparo .

Claudio and Stefano Tapparo were agonists too and the union with family Scalmana cemented this passion .

After a career in cycling Davide Scalmana gives life to the fan club , then the “Gruppo Sportivo Amici Ciclismo di Vallio Terme “ was founded and then the “FPT Tapparo Trophy “.

Besides FPT supports the “ Gruppo Sportivo Gavardo” headed by Gabriele Scalmana.

Download the file of the Tapparo Trophy 2012.